Founded in 2000, Talking Blues is the UK’s largest, longest running and most successful assessment centre Preparation Company, dedicated to helping people like you to pass the Police Officer and PCSO recruitment process in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. The whole purpose of Talking Blues is to get you a successful result. As you can see from our extensive list of venues and dates, we run on average forty to sixty training courses a year, on a nationwide basis, from Newcastle to Southampton, each specifically designed to get our students through the police assessment system. Out of the 7000 people who pass a year, Talking Blues will have trained around a thousand of them. We are so good at it that we have a unique money back promise, so clients can have confidence in what we do. (See the box at the top of our home page for details). We have provided specific training in how to pass the recruitment assessment centre for underrepresented groups for half a dozen major forces.

Only one person in seven is accepted first time into the police service. What’s more, as more candidates chase fewer vacancies, under an ever-tougher entrance system, it is getting harder to win a place. Candidates are now competing not just with each other, but with quotas for underrepresented groups and those from other sectors who see the police as a secure career. Being competent is not good enough, you need to excel. Our courses are specifically designed to prepare you for the police assessment process.

We offer several types of course.

  • For those undertaking the NEW national DAY ONE assessment process, a custom written one day assessment centre preparation course, aimed at getting you a pass grade. For the existing SEARCH process, look at the banner on our home page labelled “SEARCH”
  • Low cost recorded video seminars covering how to pass “In-force” interviews, required by some forces outside of the assessment.
  • For those who request it, intensive one to one police assessment centre training

We understand that your police career is important to you. Anyone can tell you what the process is about. We tell you what you need to do to pass. There is a significant difference between the two things. Helping you into your police career is our profession.

Whether you use us or not, we hope the information you find here is interesting and helpful.

Good luck!