Had an interesting discussion this week about police this with reference to the assessment centre. There is still a common perception amongst applicants that the police tend to look after each other, and that is the quality that we want at assessment centre. This could not be further from the truth. One of the biggest threats facing the service today is lack of faith and trust from the public. Consider the big headlines regarding the police at present. Hillsborough, the Saville enquiry, the Steven Lawrence enquiry, and assorted child abuse historical stuff. All decades ago, but all still being used to beat the police with. Honesty and integrity is crucial. At assessment, we do not want to hear u trying to justify the actions of your staff (unless of course they were correct!). if you’re dealing with something that shows inappropriate behaviour from your staff, then you are expected to deal with it, robustly. If you try to fudge this, then you will never pass any police assessment. Simple as.


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