New Format

From September 1st 2015, the format of the assessment has changed noticeably. The role play format remains the same. However, the interviews and report writing sections have changed.

The report section now consists of two different kinds of exercise. In the first, the candidate is shown a DVD of an incident or interview of some kind. They are then required to complete and “Incident report Form” detailing what has gone on, utilising the information they gained by watching the video. In the second report writing exercise, candidates are given some written information, and then have to extract information from that document to complete another “Incident report Form”.

The interview tests a number of competencies from the six defined as being required for the role of a [police constable. Candidates are asked four main questions. Two questions seek evidence from their past life experience of them having done certain things, such as working as part of a team, or challenging inappropriate behaviour. The remaining two questions explore their motivations and values with regards to the police service.

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