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Understanding The Ethos of Talking Blues

We had an interesting conversation with our course delegates in Cardiff recently. They were saying that their force (Dyfdd Powys) has started offering free half day seminars to applicants about the assessment centre. Some of our students had debated whether they therefore really needed to come on a Talking Blues full day course (and of course spend the money). By the end of the first hour, all were convinced they had done the right thing in coming, but it did get us thinking. We reflected on the simple facts about “free” police run assessment centre assessment preparation.

To begin with, the whole idea of our course is to give you an advantage, to teach you what you need to do not just to pass, but to pass well. This is NOT the aim of a free police course provided by the force. To begin with, if they wanted everyone to pass, then they would have a really easy assessment centre. If you buy into that, it surely stands to reason that on their prep sessions, they do not tell you how to PASS. They tell you what the assessment centre is ABOUT (and even that in a very general way).

So, you do not get much advantage over your competition by attending it. Having said that, any advantage you may or may not have got, is wasted anyway, as EVERYONE ELSE was told the same thing. That is totally different from the way Talking Blues works. WE teach you what you need to do to pass. You therefore have a huge advantage over others who have simply been told what will happen on the day. It’s  a bit like the difference between your driving instructor telling you when you do your test, you will do an emergency stop and a three point turn, and your mate instructor taking them on the actual test route, explaining what those things consist of, how to do them properly, and letting him have  ago. Which candidate is better prepared?

So why do the police do these pointless half days? Cynic that I am, I would suggest it’s because traditionally in Dyfd Powys, we have had scores of peo9ple come on our course, and a large number of the people who joined the force in the last two or three years have been with us. I suspect the force have worked this out and ran their workshop to deter people coming on ours. Ask yourself why they would do that? Is it to save applicants the Talking Blues course fee? Is the force that bothered if you are (as they would say) wasting your money, and will to learn anything? Or are they trying to deter you from coming as they know your chances of passing rocket? Which one of those two scenarios sounds likely? Well, you want to be the police officer, you decide………………………….


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