Which Police Assessment System Will You Be Doing?

Confused about which police assessment system you will be doing?

We keep getting asked about the fact that some forces are still telling candidates that they will be invited to the in person SEARCH assessment process. Talking Blues are currently running brand new courses SPECIFICALLY written in May 2020 for the new online system. However, if the college should reintroduce SEARCH, our courses also include in the cost full access to our extensive SEARCH video lessons and 160 page workbook on that process as well. With regards to the online system though, We would refer you to look at the college of policing website which categorically states as below (on 1/6/2020)

College of Policing Online Assessment Process Overview

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on March 23 and additional guidance introduced to keep our communities safe, all SEARCH and Day One activity has been postponed until 2021. As the COVID situation develops, it has become clear that digital
solutions to police recruitment would be required.

In response to this, we have developed an online assessment process that enables effective assessment of the required competencies and values that are important for Police Constables, and meets the current standards for assessing new recruits.

To ensure consistency and fairness to candidates the online assessment process will remain in place throughout the remainder of 2020. As part of ongoing monitoring and evaluation we will continue to review the candidate, assessor and force experience with a view to enhancing the process during this period. We will conduct a full review later in the year and give forces notice well in advance of any reintroduction of face-to-face assessment centres.