Price promise and Money back guarantee

It is up to you to decide if the investment in taking our assessment centre preparation course is worth the hugely increased chances of passing. We for our part are totally confidant in the quality of our training.

Transparent pricing

We acknowledge that many products offer one price, then when you are signed up you discover there are additional costs. That is simply not the case with us. We promise that the cost you sign up to for your course, whether it be on line or in person, is all that you pay for the whole of that course. There is no additional charge for other parts.

Live national in person seminars and one to one money back on the day guarantee:

Anyone can have a bad day, or a bout of nerves, or make a mistake. (although good training reduces the chances of all those). Anyone who says they can make such a guarantee is wrong. Some people are not suited to the police, and that is what the system is designed to weed out. Such guarantees inevitably have the small print about you have to fail before you get your money back. The seller is just hoping you pass anyway so you cannot claim. We feel this is a bit pointless by then (as you have just failed). If you book a course which is no good, you should get your money back.

It would be unethical of us to guarantee that you will pass if you do a course. What we do guarantee is value for money and quality of our product.

If you attend one of our in person seminars, or a One to one and on the day you do not agree you have received value for money, then our promise applies. Once you have booked your national date for our in person course and paid your deposit, we do not ask for anything else until the END of the course. Tell us by lunchtime on the course if you feel it is not worth your time and money, and we will refund your payment there and then. We shake hands and part as friends, and it has cost you nothing but your time.  No one has done that since we started in 2000, but we accept that there will always be a first time for everything. But it’s probably not going to be YOU.

We would suggest that the course cost, if it just gets you that one extra mark which tips you over into passing, is well worth it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Guarantee for distance learning and online courses:

If you order our distance learning courses, and when you receive them you feel they are not what you expected, we will refund your payment if you comply with the following:

  • Notify us within 24 hours of your desire to cancel
  • Stop using the links immediately (we can confirm usage figures if you wish)
  • Return the course manual to us within 24 hours (if shops open and send us proof of postage)
  • WE will then refund your payment and cancel web access on receipt of the manual.