One to One intensive Tuition

We offer a custom, one to one service for those who really want to ensure they have the best chance to pass their police assessment and interview. We feel for most people, the normal course is sufficient to help them through. However, some people, such as those:

  • Who have no experience of assessments
  • Who may have limited life experience
  • Who have taken the assessment before and are unsure where they may be going wrong
  • Have specific issues they wish to address
  • Simply want to have expert coaching to improve their chance of passing

Will benefit from the day.

The one to one day involves:

A telephone conversation to ensure we understand what you want from the one to one coaching.

We also agree what areas need to be focussed on with you.

Eight hours of one to one structured tuition, with one of our experts on the police process, all of who are former police officers who have been preparing people for this process for years.

We will agree with you examples of prospective interview answers to bring with you on the day, for practice, feedback and suggestions.

As with our normal course, we promise that if within a few hours of the day starting you feel it is not what you expected, tell us, we shake hands, part as friends and you owe us nothing.

The session usually take place at our office in the North West. It may be possible to arrange other venues, but these would depend on when we are in other parts of the country. The cost of a day’s one to one session is £375. This is inconsequential if it gets you through your assessment process however. Please email us for further details.