One to One Specialist Police Assessment Training

We believe that for most people, our standard course will be the boost to your chances that gets you into the police service. Having said that, some people may feel that they prefer to prepare on a one to one basis.

Our one to one training involves:

  • A screening telephone call so you can explain what you would like to concentrate on, and to allow us to explain what we can do to help you.
  • A comprehensive full day of training, tailored to your specific requests.
  • A mock walk through of the interview, where we critically assess your responses to interview questions.
  • A critique of your interview answers to what we assess as being likely interview questions.
  • Tailored advice and feedback in at least three role plays, one on one, just you and the assessor.
  • Free copy of a leading police IQ test book.
  • A walk through of the written exercises.
  • Telephone support following your course.
  • A discounted rate on a standard talking Blues course if desired.

Our one to one staff:

One to one training is delivered by either Jim Ferran or Graeme Birmingham.

Dates of training:

One to one dates can usually be set to your preferences, including weekends and weekdays.


Although we run courses nationally, much of our one to one raining is based in the North West. However, there may be the opportunity to offer training in other parts of the country. Please contact us to discuss this.


This type of training is very resource intensive, as it involves a highly experienced trainer spending the entire day with you. T is therefore inevitably a premium service which costs more than the standard course. On the other hand, only you are able to decide if the investment in your future is worthwhile.

The cost of our one to one training is £375 for the day. We appreciate that this is a large investment on your part, and indeed of time on ours. This is why we are so keen that we talk to you before hand so we all understand what is expected.

Our guarantee therefore is that if you feel upon starting your one to one that it is not for you, or does not offer the product you want, you can stop the day, and will owe us nothing.

Feel free to email us and we will call you back to discuss whether this option is right for you or not.