The Talking Blues Book

The Definitive Guide to Passing the Police Recruitment Process

If you are looking for a book on the Police, PCSO or Special Constable Recruitment process, then “The definitive guide to Police Recruitment” is for you. Unlike other “self help” books, it does not tell you just about the process you will undertake, but instead describes, in detail over 296 pages, what you need to do to pass. There is a distinct difference between the two things. The book describes in an honest and forthright manner the way in which the assessment centre works, and how you need to interact with it in order to succeed. It covers everything from the training the assessors get to how to influence them without them realising. For example, getting advance knowledge of the scenarios is very easy, and we discuss the pros and cons of doing this.
Just one word of caution. The assessment centre is an interactive experience, where your performance is judged on how you interact with real live exercises. No matter how good a book, it cannot take the place of face to face coaching. That is not to say books do not have a place, they do. But remember, there are many good books on learning to drive, but you would probably still wish to have a driving lesson in a real car before your test!

What is This Book About?

Our guide to passing the police assessment system has been written with one very specific objective in mind. It aims to give you, the reader, an in depth appreciation of the skills and abilities required to pass the Police National Recruitment System, including the process for applying to be a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) As you read through this book, you will see the approach is to explain in detail the reasoning and rationale behind each exercise, the mechanics of how each exercise works, and the various limitations that exist within the exercise itself – from the perspective of those who designed it. It is not about making you a better person, just a better candidate.

In essence, this book is a “how to” guide to pass the police recruitment system. It aims to give you the best chance of passing through the process. It cannot guarantee a pass, but we believe that it is fair to say that it will give you a huge advantage over an unprepared candidate.

Why is This Book Different?

There will be three main reasons why you may wish to buy this book.

  • It provides an open, no holds barred explanation of the reality of the mechanics of the assessment centre, not a polite, politically correct version of the truth. The book covers all of the theory, and more importantly the reality, of what happens in the assessment centre, and explains what you need to do to pass.
  • It provides a detailed breakdown of the exercises, explaining firstly the theory behind them, what they are looking for, and then gives detailed explanations of the techniques you need to use to pass.
  • It will provide you with 3 specimen written exercises, four specimen role plays, and specimen interview questions. All of our exercises are full length ones, complete with answers. In the case of role plays, they also have role actor instructions and marking guides.

So, whether you want an in depth explanation of what you need to do, or just some practice exercises, this is for you.

For example, in role plays, we explain in depth:

  • What the exercise is looking for
  • How to plan a role play (properly!)
  • What the role actors and assessors want to see from you
  • How to evidence the skills whilst dealing with the actor.

The book adopts this approach with the interviews and written exercises as well. (There are no specimen IQ tests though)

The Small Print:

At Talking Blues, our background is as Police Officers, not IQ experts. Therefore the book contains NO examples of the IQ exercises, although they are discussed. There are numerous books on the market containing test exercises though. In any case, other assessment centre books tend to pad themselves out by using IQ exercises, where as we believe it essential to explain the hard exercises in depth rather than use filler!
Please remember that this book is NOT the course manual that you receive when you come on a days training with us. They are completely different publications.