Post/Pre Assessment in force police recruitment interviews (Live webinar preparation)

(Because of the nature of this interview, the same questions are also likely to come up for Special Constables and PCSO recruitment, so this seminar is suitable for such applicants.)

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Many (but not all) forces require police officer applicants to undertake an additional interview over and above the one they will sit at the national assessment centre. (PCSO and Special constable applicants take an interview looking at the same areas, whether they do an assessment or not.) This interview is different in many ways from the assessment day interview. This is the force’s chance to deviate away from the restrictions imposed on them by the national system. It is also a great way for them to cut down the numbers if too many people are in the process. Whilst the local interview is looking for similar skills as the national assessment day, it can delve more into your personality. Failing this interview can either waste all the effort you put into getting past the assessment, or stop you getting there to begin with in the case of some forces. Consider how you would answer questions such as:

  • Why do you want to join the police?
  • How do you integrate into the community?
  • What preparation have you done for the role?
  • Should the police target minority groups to increase recruitment levels?
  • What would you do if you were offered cannabis at a friend’s party?
  • As a uniform constable on duty, would you accept a free coffee at a garage?
  • Should every police officer carry firearms?

These are some of the basic kinds of questions that can trip applicants up.

Talking Blues offer low cost LIVE TWO HOUR long evening webinar sessions explaining:

  • What the interview is looking for,
  • Typical interview questions
  • How to prepare high scoring answers.
  • Live interactive discussion and Q and A session on likely questions.

How our seminar works:

The format is simple, although technologically advanced. Talking Blues use a professional media studio, and once booked, delegates will be sent an email link to join the online seminar at the stated time. You can use any platform you wish, smart phone, and tablet or PC, (ideally camera enabled, so we can chat face to face, but you are not obliged to go on camera). Provided you are online, you can literally be anywhere in the world. So you can prepare by the pool if you want.

Upon entering the online seminar, you will be greeted by the live trainers, who will be in our studio. Group sizes are limited to 24, and each delegate will be able to see the trainers and the presentations being used. From the outset, delegates can ask questions, and hear those being sked by others. As a delegate speaks, the system activates their camera so they can address the group or the trainer (which ever you are comfortable with. If you want to disable your camera, that’s fine too) the presenters will answer them at once. In effect, it is a virtual classroom. The trainers will deliver the presentation covering the basics of what the interview is looking for, a session which last approximately 25 minutes. The remaining ninety minutes is spent on live discussion. The trainers will split this time into areas covering the main question areas such as:

  • You and your life experience.
  • What you know about the force/role.
  • Scenario based questions (What would you do if……?)
  • Values and ethics questions.

Each question can be discussed live by delegates, and in fact all get more out of it the more interactive it is.

Delegates can also ask for specific questions to be covered, ideally in advance of the seminar, so we can plan, but during it as well.

So you can even ask us to cover the question that you know your friend was asked and failed on, or perhaps the one that you struggled with at your last interview.

The seminar lasts three hours, with a ten minute break half way through.

The cost of this is £25.

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