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(Please note that this interview is very different from the full assessment day interview. If you are taking the full regular recruit assessment, this product is not a substitute for the full day course, it is an optional addition. (However, if you are applying as a Special or PCSO, these presentations will cover the interview you sit.)

Many (but not all!) forces require police officer applicants to undertake an additional interview over and above the one they will sit at the national assessment centre. (PCSO and Special constable applicants take an interview looking at the same areas, whether they do an assessment or not.) This interview is different in many ways from the assessment day interview. This is the force’s chance to deviate away from the restrictions imposed on them by the national system. It is also a great way for them to cut down the numbers if too many people are in the process. Whilst the local interview is looking for similar skills as the national assessment day, it can delve more into your personality. Failing this interview can either waste all the effort you put into getting past the assessment, or stop you getting there to begin with in the case of some forces. Consider how you would answer questions such as:

  • Why do you want to join the police?
  • How do you integrate into the community?
  • What preparation have you done for the role?
  • Should the police target minority groups to increase recruitment levels?
  • What would you do if you were offered cannabis at a friend’s party?
  • As a uniform constable on duty, would you accept a free coffee at a garage?
  • Should every police officer carry firearms?

These are some of the basic kinds of questions that can trip applicants up.

For only £15, Talking Blues offer over an hour’s worth of specific advice, split over seven presentations consisting of the following modules:

These are some of the basic kinds of questions that can trip applicants up.

Introduction to giving good answers In this presentation, we explain how to structure your answers to gain maximum marks. (Seven mins
Theme 1 Questions about you In this section, you will learn about the types of question potentially looking at what qualities you bring to the role, along with how to answer them. (Eight mins)
Theme 2 questions about the force In this section, you will learn about how to show the panel you have researched the role thoroughly, such that you can articulate your interest not just in policing, but in policing your county. (Seven minutes)
Theme 3 Ethics and Integrity In this session we will examine how you evidence to the panel that you understand the concept of ethics, and how to evidence through example or discussion that you possess these qualities. (Nine minutes)
Theme 4 Decision Making In this section, we will explain how to answer questions examining your decision making ability, using a simplified explanation of how to make decisions, and important key words and considerations you need to consider to score well. (12 minutes)
Theme 6 What if…… Questions In this section, we explain how to answer scenario or dilemma based questions. By this we mean if the panel ask you “What if ….you are on patrol and X happens?” We give some scenarios to consider, and more detail on the national decision making model, along with how to use it to get extra marks. (Five minutes)

How the presentation seminars work:

When you have booked and paid, within one working day we will send you seven links, allowing you access to the above modules. The links connect you to the presentation via a server platform called WISTIA. On receipt of the link, you simply choose a password to allow yourself access, and you can play all seven of the presentations. This access is unique to you. You can visit and listen to the talks as many times as you wish for one month. You can use any platform, smart phone, and tablet or PC. Provided you are online, you can literally be anywhere in the world. So you can prepare by the pool if you want. The presentation is in the same format as our free video seminars so you know what you are getting.

If there is any question you feel we have not covered, just contact us and we will discuss it with you.

The cost of this is only £15 for an hour’s worth of professional development. If it improves your mark by even one per cent, how can you lose?

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