Which Course Is Right For You?

Depending on which force you’re planning to apply for, you’ll face one of two assessment processes.

How to identify which assessment process you will face

Our courses are custom designed for each system, so you need to find out which system your force is using. The two systems are very different, and although there are commonalities, the courses we run are also different, and specific to the assessment centre type. Below we describe the two types. When you have identified which system you face, click on the assessment type box that you are interested in.

The old style course, which you’ll have taken if you’ve applied to the police in the past, is known as the Police SEARCH Assessment. It can be booked here.

This is the system currently used by most forces, with the exception of the Metropolitan Police and a few other forces. This course is likely to be replaced gradually by the newer course (see below). It can be identified by the following characteristics in the assessment itself.

  • You perform exercises in the role of a Customer Service Officer in the fictional  Westshire centre.
  • There are four five-minute role plays where you meet a single role actor in each one.
  • There is a twenty-minute structured interview.
  • There are two written exercises, one which involves watching a  video clip.
  • There are two IQ tests.

The new course, known as the Day One Assessment. It can be booked here.

This is the new system, only used at present by a limited, but slowly growing number of forces (most notably the Metropolitan Police). All forces will eventually switch onto this. It can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • You perform the exercises in the role of a police constable.
  • The exercises are guided and/or involve the use of tablets instead of paper.
  • You do two role plays, each lasting ten minutes, one where you meet one role actor, the other where you meet two role actors.
  • There is a twenty minute structured interview.
  • You will watch three video clips, and after doing so answer multiple choice questions based on what you have seen.
  • You will watch a video clip recording a situation involving a civilian and two police officers. You will then be asked questions about what happened and your views on courses of action.
  • You will be asked to complete a thirty-minute written exercise replying to a complaint by a member of the public, using different sources of written information supplied to you.
  • You will do a ten-minute exercise with a fellow candidate. In this exercise, one of you will be wearing a virtual reality headset whilst the other passes information to and from the other person.