Five Reasons To Use Us

Five reasons why you should consider coming on one of our police assessment centre development courses:

  • Because if you fail this time, chances are that although officially you cannot reapply for six months, the reality is that is going to be 12 months before your force recruits again. Even then, will you perform any better? How will you develop from what you did wrong this time to pass next time? Who will advise you?
  • Because most forces are cutting back recruiting, whilst at the same time the state of the economy means more candidates, many of whom are well qualified and experienced are applying. Forces therefore have better quality candidates for smaller place numbers than ever before, hence it is even tougher to get in. Add to this the fact that forces filter applications to favour minority groups, (and we promise you they do), and the remaining places often go to those who score the highest marks, we would suggest that candidates need every advantage to get every mark they can.
  • Because you realise that a lot of very smart people are applying for a very small number of places. You want to know what the best prepared candidates know. That means coming with us.
  • Because you know a load of people who have failed, and don’t want to be like them for the sake of the course fee.
  • Because, having searched the web for information about us, you have heard all the things people say about our company, and realise for the sake of the course fee, your chances of getting in increase drastically having done our course.