09.15Overview of assessment and welcome pack

09:45 How to plan your role play and planning demonstration
10:30 The Role play itself and trade secrets.
11:30 Allocation of your TWO role plays, then role play exercises.
Lunch Break (Often late! Bring a Mars bar to munch on!)
Lunch Break (Often late! Bring a Mars bar to munch on!)
14:30 Format of the interview, typical questions, preparing answers. We will also cover the “Local” interview where required.
18:00 Written exercises.
18:45 Final questions and summary.
19:00 A well deserved end to the day for all concerned. (If it finished earlier, we would have to miss something out!)

EVERYONE will get the chance to be the CANDIDATE in two role plays, which are all different. Don’t fall for some companies getting a group to watch one person, and no one else has a go. That is rubbish.

These times do vary dependant upon the needs and desires of the group on the day, but give an approximate idea of times. It is very rare to finish before seven though!

Please note that we do not cover the IQ tests, as no one can improve your IQ in one day. We do however suggest that if you want to practice these, there are several excellent books on the subject on Amazon, and we will recommend some on the day if you want.

We have too much important stuff to tell you to waste your time with something you can practice at home with a book!