A: Simple. Up to seven days in advance of the course, you can cancel by phone or email and get an immediate full refund of any monies paid. Within seven days, as we are committed to paying our venues based on candidate numbers, your deposit is non refundable. Having said that, if you receive a rejection letter from your force within that seven day period, send us a copy and we will refund you anyway.

A:Many people tell us that role plays are the most intimidating part of the assessment, and therefore the course. We would point out that whether this is true or not, you have to do them on the assessment day, so the course is the ideal place to practice and make your mistakes. However, perhaps the view of one of our students may be more helpful:

“I did the course this weekend and I was petrified of the role plays. I had images of standing up in front of the whole class and having each of my lines picked to pieces in front of everyone to highlight my errors. I honestly couldn’t sleep the night before. What a wally!

In fact it was a group of 6 people who were all just as nervous (hardly at all compared to what I imagined), the role play was seated and when I was actually doing it I didn’t really feel nervous at all. In fact it’s a friendly affair”.

A: The recruitment process for PCSO’s is currently being standardised nationally. It is in effect a “cut down” version of the process used for police officers. So, some parts such as the role plays are identical in principal, as is the interview. Other parts though are slightly different. Please call us and we will discuss the course with you, and you can make your decision in your own time.

A: Absolutely not! Police officers are always cynical, and we believe that companies that demand full payment in advance are afraid that you will not like what they provide, and so will not pay on the day. We have to ask for a deposit as we have to pay deposits on venue bookings ourselves. But, as we say, if you are not happy, tell us and we will refund it (our promise). We ask for nothing else until the end of the day. We believe it is unethical to do anything else. You therefore rally cannot lose.

A: Although some courses are bigger than others, in general you can expect to do your role plays in groups of nine people. Within this, each student will always do TWO individual role-plays as the candidate. Note also that the role actor is always a trainer, not a fellow student which we think is a disgrace. Our interview sessions are group based, allowing the opportunity to give examples they are thinking of using, so allowing everyone to generate ideas for their own answers. Our course can vary in size between 6 and 30 people. However, the ratio of students to trainers stays the same as we simply provide more trainers. Remember, we attract lots of students because we have a proven track record of being very good at what we do!

A: Lots! The exact number is commercially sensitive, but suffice it to say that we run over 45 courses a year. Any training company should be able to prove that it has a proven history in the field, and you can research us on the web. Of course any company can say they train loads of people. You would be right to be cynical (we like that in a cop!). In our case, search police discussion forums, so you can be sure we are as successful as we say we are.

A: No it is not. Please visist for further details, where details of the PSNI process are discussed.. Please contact us if you require further information.

A: Regrettably, the Scottish system is totally different, and the course is written specifically for the English and Welsh system.

A: You will receive our 160-page professionally printed manual, as pictured on our home page. Please do not think we will provide a load of badly photo copied stuff cobbled together from other people’s notes! Please note that the manual contains full information, marking guides and role actor instructions for 16 role plays, and four written exercises, along with example questions and exercises covering the entire assessment day (with the exception of the IQ tests).

A: If you are interested in a group booking of four delegates or over, please contact us. We can also arrange tailored course for groups of special constables or military at discounted rates at a venue to suit you.

A: The assessment day is the toughest part of applying to join the police so the sooner you start learning and practicing the necessary techniques, the better. The ideal time to join one of our course is in the couple of months leading up to an assessment day. But we give you a folder packed with advice, hints and tips to take away as a reminder so you won’t easily forget the techniques you learn even if you come earlier.

Bear in mind also that our course tend to fill up quickly depending upon the recruitment phase the local force(s) are currently at. Leaving it too long to book may result in you being unable to go the venue you desire.

A: Many of our delegates come after failing either their interview or assessment centre. Many others realise how difficult the process is and wish to give themselves an advantage. Others have a dream of joining the police, but feel that they would never pass the selection procedure. If any of this applies to you, consider our course! We promise you that afterwards, you will be in great shape to get the career you want. Set yourself up to succeed!

A: Once students have been on a course, we are pleased to offer continuing support via email, and phone.

A: We have literally scores of testimonials from students who attended our course and were successful in their application. If you wish, we can put you in touch with some of these students (many of whom are now serving police officers of course!) so they can explain what they got out of our course.

Remember too that all our trainers have extensive experience of the police service and its procedures, so you can be confident they know what they are talking about! The best guarantee however is our promise that if you are not happy, you owe us nothing. What more can we say?

The best guarantee however is our promise that if you are not happy, you owe us nothing. What more can we say?

A: If you are certain you will be the one person in seven who gets accepted first time without help, then our course will not interest you. If however you have been unsuccessful before, or know someone who has failed, consider whether the cost of the course is worth the huge advantage it will give you over other candidates. The course cost is an investment in your desire to change to a challenging, well-paid career. Nine out of ten of our delegates succeed in their next police application. You decide if the cost is worth the increased chance of success – it may just be the most important operational decision of your life.

A: While it’s true that most police forces operate separate recruitment processes for their full time and special constabulary officers, it is very likely as a potential special you will be invited to attend some sort of assessment and/or interview. Our course will help you prepare to pass these tests.

A: As we say, some people get in first time without us. You may be one of those individuals. On the other hand, perhaps you know someone who has been rejected, or have yourself failed before. Our course can help you reduce that risk considerably. As a test of our value, ring up your local police recruitment office, and ask them what kind of specific questions or exercises you will be set. You will get very little information. Then, speak to us. We work for you on the day, and there is no issue you cannot ask us about. Policing is about gaining whatever advantages you can. We only ask for a small deposit. You do not pay the balance until the end of your course. If you tell us you feel you are not gaining out of the course, we will refund your deposit there and then, and you will owe us nothing. You have nothing to lose.