Format of the Met-Style ‘Day One’ Assessment Course

This is an explanation of the process for Police recruitment designed for use by the Metropolitan Police, and now being rolled out slowly by forces across the country. For the older SEARCH Process (used by most forces), click here.

On the day, you will be required to undertake the following exercises:

You perform the exercises in the role of a police constable.

  1. The exercises are guided and/or involve the use of tablets instead of paper. 
  2. You do two role plays, each lasting ten minutes, one where you meet one role actor, the other where you meet two role actors. For example, you may have to intervene in a neighbour dispute, or a conversation about inappropriate behaviour.
  3. There is a twenty minute structured interview, where you will be expected to answer each question for up to five minutes without prompting..
  4. You will watch three video clips, and after doing so answer multiple choice questions based on what you have seen.
  5. You will watch a video clip recording a situation involving a civilian and two police officers. You will then be asked questions about what happened and your views on courses of action.
  6. You will be asked to complete a thirty minute written exercise replying to a complaint by a member of the public, using different sources of written information supplied to you.
  7. You will do a ten  minute exercise with a fellow candidate. In this exercise, one of you will be wearing a virtual reality headset whilst the other passes information to and from the other person.

You will normally get the results of the assessment after about two weeks or so.

In Force Procedures

After passing the assessment centre, some forces may call you back for what we term an “in force” interview. We cover this on our day long preparation course as well.

This is all pretty intensive.

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