One to One Coaching

£350 with additional free access to recorded material


£350 with additional free access to recorded material


Talking Blues recognise that some clients feel that they would prefer a more personal, tailored service. People we have helped in the past with this kind of intensive course have included:

  • Those who have failed the process a number of times, and cannot quite understand why.
  • People inexperienced in assessment centres and who wish a concentrated confidence boost, perhaps because of their age or work history.
  • Those who simply prefer individual tuition.

The whole course is geared to what you want, linked in with what we feel are likely assessment exercises and questions, and the trainer explaining and developing your response to these.

To cater for these people, TalkingBlues offer a one day, intensive one to one course. This can either be via Zoom, or in person at our offices, it’s your choice. In essence, the day involves the student working on an individual basis with a senior TalkingBlues trainer, following a custom designed set of subjects for the day. So, if you feel that your interview will fine, but your brieifing skills require work, your day will concentrate on that. If you want to go over the entire assessment day, the lesson plan will reflect that. Your individual, customised course will include:

  • A “screening and planning” phone call, designed to discover exactly what you feel you want from the day. In addition, this will also serve to let the Talking Blues trainer ensure that you are in fact competent on any areas that you may feel you do not need coaching on. After all, our job is to be honest with you. If you think you are great at interviews, but we do not, we would not be acting in your best interest not to tell you so, as you would fail on your interview at assessment.
  • A full 0930 to 1700 day on a one to one basis with a trainer, discussing, explaining and practicing the areas, issues and exercises that both you, the student, and the trainer feel need addressing. This will include as much time in the day as you wish on feedback on written or briefing techniques, interview answers and any other area you wish.
  • In effect, you will do a walk through of the exercises that you will do on your assessment day, with explanations beforehand and explanations afterwards.

Additionally, as part of the one to one process:

  • You will also receive our professionally printed manual.
  • You will also receive unlimited access to our recorded seminars for six months.
  • You will also have FREE access to our twice weekly Zoom online drop in sessions to ask questions for six months.
  • You also get additional material on the potential “In Force interview some forces use.
  • Just in case the system reverts back to face to face style, we will give you FREE access to all of our material on the SEARCH system.

In essence, this type of course is your personal coaching day aimed specifically at your assessment process.

The cost of this course is £350. Our usual quality guarantee also applies, if at any point on the intensive day, you feel you are not getting value for money, tell us, and you will owe us nothing.

If you wish to book this course, or discuss it further, please contact us. As it is such a large commitment on both sides, we do not take internet bookings for it. Instead, we will arrange it over the phone.

Tailored training will usually take place either at our offices in the North West, as realistically, for us to travel elsewhere incurs extra cost for us. Note that we will expect you to attend with your interview answers ready for us to discuss and evaluate, but this will be explained more fully before your individual day.

How can I get further information about your one to one training?

The various links on our site, such as the buttons on the menu at the top of the page, will drop down to tell you more about us and our course.

How do I book?

For one to one courses course booking information, or to discuss in more detail, please email us and we will contact you.

What if I have any questions before I chose?

Please contact us, ideally on Facebook via a comment, or private message if you prefer. You can also call us.