One of the reasons Talking Blues is so successful is our course manual. We are very proud of this, and it stands as a symbol of our commitment to your success. This book is the study guide to the course, and each student is given one on the day. (Please note that this is a totally different publication than the “definitive guide to passing the police recruitment process”)

It is a professionally printed and finished document, and contains, amongst other things:

18 full role play exercises. This means that each has its own set of role actor instructions and a full marking guide. The role plays include a full marking guide and role actor instructions. We write all of our own material, where as many of our competitors simply use old exercises that at one stage have been available free of charge from the police themselves. We guarantee that you will never have seen our material elsewhere, well unless that is someone has copied it from us (as has been known)! Our role-plays are so good that we have had to use legislation to stop some competitors copying them.

There are also four full written exercises in the manual, with specimen answers, along with notes on potential or probable interview questions.

An explanatory section on interview technique, and suggestions on generating answers. The book also contains a large number of potential interview questions for those of you who will undertake an “In Force interview” in addition to your assessment day one.

Please note that our competitors usually hand out a ring binder with at best three or four photocopied exercises. Often these exercises will have been copied or poached from originals (usually ours!) Our manual exercises are written exclusively by us.

The manual also contains all the presentation slides used on the day, and an explanation of the competency based marking guide.

This is a course exercise manual and is NOT the same as our book “The definitive guide to passing the police recruitement process