The Police assessment process can be quite daunting at first sight. Talking Blues have created two videos to help you understand the skills being assessed, the marking guide, and what the assessment actually consists of. They are free to watch, do not require you to enter any details or email addresses, and are there simply as our way to offer you a few pointers. They can be watched on any device, from IPad to PC to Android to everything in between.

Understanding the police service set of skills and abilities.

In this eight minute video, John McTaggart, the Managing Director of Talking Blues, explains the six skills the service is looking for. The presentation puts these into context, showing how the skills could relate to a typical role play type scenario. He also explains the meaning of working with others, and the importance of integrity. The presentation then goes on to explain what exercises you will undertake on the day. By the end of the video, you will understand the six skills, and the context of the behaviours that are required of you to pass the assessment centre. Simply click on the video to play it.

The Assessment centre welcome pack

In this six minute video seminar, presented by Jim Ferran, Talking Blues Head of Learning Development, you will find an explanation of the importance of the assessment centre “Welcome pack”. Jim explains what the pack is, why the information is important, and how to use this information to prepare yourself for the assessment. More importantly, he then goes on to explain how to actually USE that information in the assessment exercises in order to score marks. The presentation continues with Jim explaining the marking guide, the significance of consistent skill performance against “passing” a specific exercise. He then explains how there is one skill area that a Grade D in will result in an immediate failure.