Why Choose Us?

We are the largest and longest running company in this field. We attract the most students, run the most courses, and are the most successful because we provide an excellent product which will give you the best possible advantage. On average, we run over 45 courses a year. We are registered with Companies House, and our trademarks are also registered. We have our own offices. In short, we are a professional training company.

However, if you are researching which course to go on in general, consider asking the following questions of the provider:

Do I get my money back on the day if I am unhappy with the assessment day course?

Absolutely yes with TalkingBlues. With us, whilst we have to ask for a deposit as we are charged by the venue for non attendees, we make the following promise. We do not ask for the balance of the course fee until the END of the day. If you feel you are not benefiting from the course by lunchtime, tell us, we refund your deposit there and then, we shake hands and part as friends. It has never happened since we began in 2000, and we have trained thousands of people, but there is always a first time for everything.

What is your pass rate?

Good question. Difficult to answer though, as we run so many courses that many people will simply not get back to us to let us know how they did. We estimate that it is somewhere between 8 and 9 out of ten. Realistically, there will always be someone who has a bad day at the assessment, no matter how much preparation they do. You be the judge on the course day though. If you are not satisfied at our efforts, then do not pay us. It’s that simple.

I have heard that some companies only let you role play as a candidate in one or two exercises, then other STUDENTS give feedback. Do you do this?

At TalkingBlues most definitely not. What is the point of getting feedback from someone who only knows as much as you? You will act as the candidate in two full role plays, which will be assessed by the trainers. Incidentally, no two role plays are the same.

How many courses have you run since you started, and what year did you begin training?

We were the first company in the police recruitment training market, and in fact created it in 2000. We have run quite literally hundreds of courses. Every year we run over 45 courses nationally. Other companies run one or two courses here and there, and have only been in existence a short period of time. Check before you commit yourself.