We are often asked, “Why do I need to do a course to join the Police Service?” Of course the answer is simply “you don’t”. However, we like to use a comparison with learning to drive. You can get a family member to teach you and you may well pass, after a few attempts anyway. But the fact is, most of us go to a professional instructor.

Consider this. In any given year, 60,000 people apply to join the Police Service. According to the Home Office, only one in seven actually succeed. Being good is no longer enough, you have to stand out. There is too much competition to do otherwise. Diversity checks built into the assessment centre are failing more and more candidates, as many people simply do not understand the way the police want to see “inappropriate behaviour” dealt with. In fact, many do not even understand what the police define as such behaviour, and it may surprise a lot of candidates! If you fail you will not be able to reapply for the service for between 6 to 12 months, assuming of course your chosen force is still recruiting then.

Many assessment centre candidates have never undertaken role-play exercises before and are unsure of how to deal with them. Others have no idea how to approach the structured interview, where you are required to give a five-minute long answer, with little or no prompting from the interviewer. Even fewer candidates understand the concept of an assessment centre that last over four hours.

If you come on a TalkingBlues Course you will:

  • Gain a full understanding of role play techniques and themes
  • Learn how to plan your interview answers in advance, and gain knowledge of typical interview questions and themes
  • Gain an understanding of the written exercises, along with techniques and examples of the standard of answers required to succeed
  • Leave with a copy of the TalkingBlues professionally printed course notes, containing many practice exercises.

Have the opportunity to discuss the centre with fellow students who have attended it.

In short, instead of walking into the assessment centre not knowing what is coming or how you intend to deal with it, you will know exactly what is waiting for you. You will be far more confident as you will have performed a dry run of your assessment centre, with professional individual feedback provided by us, to let you know what skills you need to develop in order to succeed

Over a quarter of the people who attend our course would have failed on the diversity aspect alone, had we not pointed out their areas for development, which would have meant an automatic fail of their whole assessment centre, irrespective of how well they had done in everything else.

So, the decision is yours. Have a go alone and gamble, or take the TalkingBlues course and gain the undoubted advantage that it will give you over other candidates